PJ Snoozer / Teardrop Trailer

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We have already done quite a few modifications to our Snoozer including replacing the stove drawer to fit our Coleman Grill Stove, converting one of the galley cupboards to the water jug storage, adding upper cupboards, dishes draw and utensil drawer in the galley, front tongue storage box and replaced the fenders!

Future plans include making our teardrop a bit more retro by building a forties style truck instead of the Delta box, and finishing my polishing job.

Last updated: 24-May-2005

Teardrops - Take a snooze in our Snoozer!

Trailer Modifications Current (Spring 2005)

  • replace front wheel with single or dual pneumatic caster for
        easier manuvering
  • Mount and setup connections for batter charger in front storage box
  • New campground sign board (Kate's job)
  • PJ Snoozer Decal of some sort
  • Retro license plate holder (maybe)
  • Folddown table - swings out and up from under cabin (maybe)

    Trailer Modifications Made Spring 2005

  • Add molded fiberglass fenders for that retro look.
        Plus replace the existing tail lights with some
        replica 1930 Ford Tail/Signal Lights.
        Result Photos: #1 · #2 · #3 · #4 (May 2005)
  • Make bracket to hold portable DVD player/TV in upper shelf of cabin
        (May 2005)

    Trailer Modifications Made Summer 2004

  • 5lb propane tank stored in storage box (July 2004)
  • new curtains for our bare windows (June 2004)
  • high polish of aluminum siding for that chrome look (June 2004)
  • Car radio/CD player and speakers in the galley (June 2004)
  • New galley featuring upper cupboards and lower drawers (June 2004)
       (closed · open · drawers open · cupboards close up)
  • DVD/CD portable player for cabin (mounting required) (May 2004)

    Trailer Modifications Made Summer 2003

  • Made wheel chocks using some expensive firewood (July 2003)
  • Added hinges to underbunk storage panels for easy access (June 2003)
  • Stove drawer replacement for Coleman Grill Stove (June 2003)
  • Added a Delta storage box on trailer tongue (June 2003)

    Our original galley, as from the factory. The lower right area is intended for a cooler. Unfortunately we have not found any decent cooler that maximizes this space. Much goes wasted. The upper storage area isn't too functional, and we always end up with a lot of clutter up there...


    Summer 2004: Our latest galley concept addresses storage as the primary goal. We've decided that if we leave out the cooler, then all kitchen utensils, pots and pans and other could be stored in the galley. The cooler would be packed in the house and transported in the tow vehicle. The large area in the right becomes a large pull out draw for pots, pans and dishes, with a pull out cutlery drawer above it. This is the most logic solution. As well we decided that the upper area would be more functional if it incorporated a full length cupboard with pull down doors. Articles stored in this area would have their own individual place. Everything will become well organized and easily accessible. Speakers for a car stereo system or mounted at ends of the upper cupboard...


    Above galley concept with upper cupboards, dish drawer and cutlery drawers open...


    Summer 2003: Our original galley concept incorporated a built in cooler to maximize the right area in the back, plus a stack of drawers on the side for storage. Above the built in cooler is another drawer for the main cutlery. The problem with this design is cleaning the cooler. As well we cannot packed/unpacked the cooler inside the house with this design. Not so good..


    Voila!!! The NEW GALLEY is complete! (June 2004)