The After Math

Well Kate and I are just back from the ADK Spring TearUp. Wow!!

I must say the event exceeded our expectations. Not only did we have an amazing group of teardrop and tiny travel trailer (15 trailers to be exact), but more importantly we met a fantastic group of new friends from around eastern US and Canada. Talk about a friendly fun bunch!!

As well several website onlookers came by to see the teardrops, and share their own build progress or curiosity.

Although the first 2 days were spend in the rain, nobody let the weather stop them from enjoying the get together. it was sad to see some of our new friends leaving Sunday when the weather broke into sunshine though... I forgot to order perfect weather!!!

A few campers are staying through till tommorrow and enjoying this, the perfect day of weather.

Kate and I would personally like to thank each and every camper for making this event so memorable. No doubt this will become a yearly event, and as suggest by a few folk, we should plan for a 'Fall TearDown', probably Labour Day weekend.

I'll be posting a 'Trip Report' and some 300+ photos as soon as we unpack and unwind.

With the fine weather in store for the upcoming weekend, we just booked another 4 days at Fish Creek so we better get repacking!



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