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Charging Batteries

The 2 Interstate SRM-24 batteries are rated at approx 82 AH each.

Since flood batteries should be charged at no more than a C/10 rate (where C/10 = battery AH / 10), then considering the batteries are connected in parallel, the ideal charge rate is no more than 82/10 X 2, or 16.4 A.

A 1000W Honda EU100i generator is rated to deliver 6.5A DC max direct but is not regulated in any way (best to use a converter/charger)

A 2000W Honda EU2000i generator is rated to deliver 8A DC max direct.

The EU1000i would be a good choice for recharging needs in conjunction with a 3 stage converter/charger, or simply plug the generator AC output into the trailer shore power receptacle, which appears to charge more in the 4 to 5 A range.

Electrical Usage

With batteries charged approx 3/4, and connecting to shore power, the batteries charged at approx 4.25 A initially then down to approx 3.2 A after approx 10 minutes. Further tests will have to be done with the generator to check into charge rates, and the necessary time to top up batteries.

 Appliance Current Required
 all off - disconnect set to OFF 0.00 A
 all off - disconnect set to ON

 0.04 A (.02A for the switch lamp, 02A for propane detector)

 radio on low 1.54 A
 fridge on without fan operating 0.31 A
 fridge on with fan operating 0.93 A
 individual lights with toggle switches 0.83 A each
 individual pot lights 0.83 A each
 system monitor on 0.06 A
 over dinette lamps 0.96 A each
 heater (fan) 3.20 A
 vinq guard tv amplifier on 0.08 A
 fantastic fan on low (speed 1) 1.00 A
 fantastic fan on medium (speed 2) 1.40 A
 fantastic fan on high (speed 3) 1.80 A
 water pump 6.4 A (up to 8.5A if water partially on)

Obviously the real loads will be the heater and radio. Best bet for the TV which requires shore power to operate, would be to use a portable battery with built in inverter to provide 120V AC for the TV.

Items of Interest

Honda EU1000i (rated at 6.5A DC, 29.7lbs, 57dba at rated load)

- - See Wheelsport (Orleans) ($1099 Cdn)

- See SOS Power Sales 856 Clyde Av, Ottawa ($1099 Cdn + delivery + PDI)

Honda EU2000i (rated at 8A DC, 46.3lbs, 59dba at rated load)

Yamaha EF1000iS (rated at 6.5A, 28lbs, 57dba at rated load)

Yamaha EF2400iS (rated at 8A DC, 70lbs, 58dba at rated load)

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The 12V Side of Life (Excellent Site on 12V Systems and Batteries)

RV Battery Maintenance

Interstate Batteries

Canadian Tire Motomaster Eliminator 1200A Powerbox

Xantrex Link 10 Battery Monitor

- Xantrex Link 10 at Northern Arizona Wind and Sun $210 US

- Xantrex Link 10 at Boaters World $249.99 US

- Xantrex Link 10 info at Energy Outfitters

- Xantrex Link 10 at Jack Rabbit Marine $185 US or $235 with 15ft cable

(Shows $189.99 US in West Marine Catalogue - call 1-800-262-8464)

Progressive Dynamics PD9245C 45A 3 Stage Converter/Charger with Charge Wizard

Battery Operated Candles










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