PJ Snoozer / Teardrop Trailer

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Whether you've hand built your teardrop from plans, or like us, purchased a manufacturered teardrop, you will want to make your teardrop your own. Accessorizing adds your own personal touch.

Teardrops - Its no sweat!

Although the galley stove drawer of the Hunter Shadow is designed for the standard two burner propane stove, a simple stove drawer modification allowed us to use our new Coleman Grill Stove. An optional solid grill plate is ideal for cooking bacon, eggs and pancakes.

The middle cupboard in the lower galley could be used for storage, but we found it ideal to hold a Reliance 7 Gallon Water Jug (26 litres). Just take off the cupboard door and the Reliance jug fits snuggly into place. Push it all the way inside for transport, then pull it out a few inches to overhang the galley floor when in use. Perfect!

The Koolatron P-65 Kargo Cooler was the only 12V fridge that seemed to fit the lower right area of the galley. This area is 14" deep. You will need to allow for closing of the galley door. The Kargo Cooler fit the bill with a few inches to spare on the side. Laying the Kooler back side down, there is ample room to open the cooler from the top for easy access. This also gives you the option of using ice in the cooler if you are low on battery. This cooler holds 33 quarts (37.5 lites) and measures 20" long X 14" wide X 16" high. The Kargo Cooler draws just over 3A when running. This cooler will cool to 40F below the outside temperature.

As of spring 2004 we opted to scrap using the Koolatron and stick with a well insulated cooler of ice stored in our tow vehicle. These fridges just use too much energy and don't cool well enough to justify their usage

The Hunter Shadow has a lower left cupboard for storage of a 12V battery to power lights, fan, ceramic heater, cooler and any other accessories you might have. This battery should be a Deep Cycle Marine Battery with a high RC (reserve capacity). The battery should be stored in a battery box and strapped down to prevent movement while travelling. The cupboard area will only fit the small standard battery box. The largest capacity battery I could find was a 130RC model. This battery is rated to deliver 25A for 130 minutes which translates to 54A hours.

We wanted a bit more storage, so we added a Delta 36" Aluminum Truck Chest to the tongue of our trailer. It provides 4.9cu ft of storage (36" wide X 17" deep X 15 1/2" heigh), and features a gas-raised weatherstripped lid and key lock. Note! Installing this box on the tongue does reduce the distance between the trailer and tow vehicle so watch out for jackknifing when backing up! The tongue weight is also increased. Our tear typically has a 95lb tongue weight empty. Loading the galley and tongue storage box brought that up to about 120lbs, a tad on the heavy side.

No teardrop is complete without a bearskin rug! We decided we needed a bear to add a bit of ambience to our cabin for all the visitors we give tours too.

Its nice to know your tear is going to stay put. Forget using rocks or pieces of your firewood behind each wheel. Instead make some wheel chocks out of a piece of firewood sliced in four, then stain to match your trailer!