Hunter Shadow Teardrop Trailer

    PJ Snoozer / Teardrop Trailer

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    Features of Our Trailer


We purchased our Hunter HU-3 Shadow trailer from Teardrop Trailers Express, a division of Family Express in Canton Ohio, May 2003. Our teardrop is manufactured by Hunter Outdoor Products in Sandpoint Idaho.

Where did the name PJ Snoozer come from you ask? This is our nickname for our trailer. Since our original tow vehicle was a PT Cruiser, PJ Snoozer sounded like a natural and complimentary name for our teardrop. As of 2005 however, our PT has been replaced with a Jeep Liberty.

Teardrops - Our home away from home

Teardrop Trailer The Hunter HU-3 Shadow is based on the classic teadrop design with a 4'x10' cabin. Hunter refers to this as the Long Shadow cabin. The HU-3 is 735lbs dry weight. (we weighed it in on the scales loaded at 1070lbs)

For detailed views of all features, check the photos in
Our PJ Snoozer Portfolio.

The inside cabin area is a generous 7'2" in length, 47" in width and comes fitted with a split 3" queen size foam mattress. There is 36" of headroom for sitting comfortably. There are 2 lockable doors, both with screen windows and rain run-offs. A 12V, 13W lamp provides ample lighting within the cabin.

Two under mattress plywood panels provide under-bunk storage, ideal for clothing. There are two storage shelves inside at the galley end and one shelf plus a deep storage area with slider doors at the front of the cabin.

The shell is constructed in a professional cabinet shop using high quality CNC tools. All wood is high grade birch and birch plywood. The cabin is insulated with R-13 insulation.

The skin of the cabin is .030" aluminum which has a brushed finish for those who wish to paint their teardrop. Most people chose to enjoy the shine of the aluminum as is.

The trailer chassis incorporates a tubular steel frame rated for 2,000 lbs and a Dura-lux rubber torsion suspension for a smooth ride. Large 15" radials with whitewalls allows for easy cruising at highway speeds. Baby moon hubcaps give the HU-3 its retro look. The trailer tongue includes a crank jack and 6" diameter by 2" wide removable plastic wheel (Atwood 1,000lb caster, 2" ID, 8 7/8" overall height). The caster is removed for travelling. Unfortunately it is a bit small and does tend to sink in softer ground when wheeling into place at campgrounds. 2 rear swing down stabilizing jacks are also standard.

The wiring harness is for a standard barrel 6 pin trailer connector. The hitch accepts a 2" hitch ball at a height of 18".

Teardrop Trailer Galley The back galley opens up into the kitchen and incorporates a main shelf with lower areas for a marine battery, middle storage box / water jug and cooler area. An under shelf pull out stove drawer is designed for the standard Coleman 2 burner propane stove. The galley is also lockable with the same key as the doors. The lower storage areas are 14" in depth. A 12V, 13W lamp in the galley provides ample lighting for night time cooking.

Rear Stabilizer Jacks Rear stabilizer jacks swing down from the bottom of the trailer and are adjusted with a removable jack up rod. These provide ample stability for the trailer.

The trailer is wired for 12V and comes with a battery compartment in the back lower galley which fits a standard small marine class (deep cycle) battery. The largest small class we could find was a 130 min reserve capacity (54A hrs). The wiring is fused and comes with two 12V receptacles in the upper galley, and two 12V receptacles in the cabin at the galley end. A power inverter can be purchased to provide 120V where needed.

The lower left cupboard in the gallery holds the battery box. This cupboard is 11" wide X 13" heigh X 14" deep and holds a standard small battery box. The neighbouring cupboard is identical however the door opens from the right. Removing this door is ideal for using the middle cupboard for water storage (see above galley photo).

A 12V (7W/.6A) whisper ventilator fan and 12V, 80W (6.5A) ceramic heater are options we chose to purchase.

Both the fan and heater are connected to separate electro-mechanical spring wound timers.

The 5" fan pulls air out of the cabin area into the back galley and out side vents. By opening the door windows, this fan is quite effective at drawing in fresh air and removing any hot or stale air that may be present within minutes.

Our 130 RC deep cycle marine battery should be able to supply the following (130 RC = 54A hours):


Current Required

Run Time

Ventillation Fan


93 hours

1 Light


51 hours

2 Lights


25.5 hours



17.5 hours



8.3 hours

String of 'Coleman
Lantern' Xmas Lights

1 string - 1.1A
2 strings - 2.2A

49 hours
24.5 hours

Galley Radio


85.5 hours

Galley Radio Playing CD


63.5 hours

In Cabin DVD Player


31.5 hours

120V Converter Left On


450 hours

120V Converter Left On (DVD plugged in)


180 hours


  • a solar panel may be in order for the Koolatron or toss the Koolatron
  • don't leave a converter left on if not in use

    Sample Senerio:

  • galley or cabin lights on for 1 hour/night = 1.06A hours
  • 2 strings of Coleman Xmas lights on for 3 hours each night = 6.6A hours
  • galley radio playing FM for 2 hours each day, 2 hours CD = 2.96A hours
  • 1 hour watching a DVD each night = 1.7A hours
  • fan is on and off (hot night) for a total of 2 hours each night = 1.16A hours
  • heater rarely used
  • Koolatron sold in garage sale

    Total Amp Hours: 13.48A Hours

    Usage Breakdown:

  • 49% - Coleman Xmas light strings
  • 22% - Galley Radio/CD Player
  • 13% - In Cabin DVD Player
  • 9% - Ventillation Fan
  • 8% - Galley/Cabin lights


  • Since the battery can supply 54A hours of power, the battery should be good for 4 days before recharging is required
  • The Coleman Xmas light strings should be powered by our portable 12V emergency battery to extend the usage of the Marine battery

    Battery Voltage Levels

    100% - 12.7V

    90% - 12.5V

    80% - 12.42V

    70% - 12.32V

    60% - 12.20V

    50% - 12.06V

    40% - 11.9V

    30% - 11.75V

    20% - 11.58V

    10% - 11.31V

    0% - 10.5V