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More Teardrop Links
Here are loads of links to more teardrop resources. Most are sites run by other teardrop enthusiasts which include details of their own teardrop programs along with photos and more.

Teardrops - Less is More!

Teardrop Enthusiasts Sites

Michael Burton's Site (Hunter Trailer Being Built)
Outback Teardrop Trailer (Larry and Diane's Construction Page)
Tales & Trails (Teardrops.net Newsletter, Events, and Vintage Plans Reprint)
MyBenroy.com (Cam Corcoran)
Gage and Tanya (The Scotsman Tear HB)
The Teardrop Research Page (George Thornton)
Teardrop Picture Page (castiron43)
Sue and Jim's Teardrop Trailer (Teardrop Construction Project)
Nick's Teardrop Trailer Page (1947 Ken-Skill Kustom Kamper and PT)
Steve Frederick (Cedar Strip based on Kuffel Creek Plans)
Rik Keller (Road Toad)
Bev from Michigan (Custom Build from Kuffel Creek Plans)
Dave Klinzman (Custom design)
Andrews' Trailer Designs (New and old designs)
Southern California Touring Tears (Club/Organization)
Andrew Gibbens Angib Teardrop Trailer Designs
Keith anbd Norman's Teardrop Trailer
Sumner Patterson's Pop-Up Teadrop
George Thornton's Teadrop Research Pages
The Great Lakes Teardrop

Parts and Miscellaneous

Air Stream Dreams
Teardrop Trailers for Sale on eBay

More coming...

Teardrop Clubs

South California Teardrop Club (SCTT)
Tales & Trails (Club and Newsletter)
Tearjerkers (East Coast Club)
Teardrop Club of Great Britain

Teardrop History

Teardrop Heritage (Mike Mooney)
Teardrop of Joy for Campers (New York Times Article)
Honeymoon House Trailer (Popular Homecraft Mar-Apr 1939)
Teardrop Plans 1940 (Popular Mechanics Feb 1940)
Trailer for Two (Mechanix Illustrated Sep 1947)
Trailer for Two (PDF format)
Benroy History
Hunter Shadow Teardrop History

Alternative Small Travel Trailers

Sequoia - an 11' economy compact vacation trailer (plans)
Mini Camping Trailer - Can't get any smaller than this!
RallyMasterCampingPods - Ultralike personal camper and toy hauler
Wood Wind Caravans - Expandable teardrop trailers

Our Other Interests

Time for Tuckerman
Guide to Fish Creek Pond State Park
TearUp the Adirondacks (Fish Creek Pond State Park)
Sandals Grande St. Lucian 2005
Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica 2006