About the Winker (and a Little About Us)

Hi and  welcome to the 40 Winker! Join Kate and I as we introduce you to our latest world of leisure, and our new 'cottage' on wheels, a 75th anniversary edition 2007 19 ft Airstream Bambi.


As avid campers we have spend several years tenting followed by a move up to our Teardrop Trailer, the 'PJ Snoozer' to solve the issue with leaky mattresses and dreaded rain.

Now having increased our camping to 30+ days a year, we decided to upgrade to our ultimate camper, a fully equiped luxury 19ft Airstream. Not only did an Airstream fit the bill, but we found the perfectly suited unit in the 75th anniversay edition Bambi which is much more suited to our 'retro' styling'.

We named our new Bambi the "40 Winker" after a joke with some friends who own a motel, and who were very acommodating to patrons who rent rooms 'by the hour'. Don calls them "40 Winkers". We had a good laugh and thought it would be a cute fun name for our new Bambi. After all our teardrop is named the "PJ Snoozer"!

 You'll notice our '40 Winker' logo is partially inspired by the nautical look of the port hole window used on the bathroom door and outside door... oh doesn't that sound great.. LOL

You'll find us out camping in our new Bambi, mainly at Fish Ceek Pond State Park in upstate New York next summer, but likely elsewhere as well across the north east.

Eventually we hope to expand our travels to the far west... oh yes Yosemite does await us!


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