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The latest major upgrade to the NYSCP website includes:

  1. User Logins via new NYSCP accounts or Facebook Credentials
  2. Setting user preferences
  3. Custom BaseCamp home page
  4. User favorite campgrounds
  5. User favorite campsites
  6. Private notes for campgrounds
  7. Private notes for campsites
  8. Public notes for campgrounds
  9. Public notes for campsites
  10. Option to turn ads off
  11. Zoomable high resolution photos
  12. Access to all photo archives New!
  13. Campsite Cancellation features (free bonus!)

Many more features available in the near future include: Enter campground reviews, campground distance and route calculator from home location or ZIP, customize campsite photo display formats, search cancellations features, campsite cancellation alerts, upload campsite photos, campsite walkabout sheets, and much much more!

Sign up as a BaseCamp member for $24/year and enjoy full access to all photos, content, new and future features. You'll be helping to support the project, ensure its continued development and long term viability!

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Perfect for the casual camper who usually camps once or twice a year for a few days and isn't as particular about where they go or what kind of campsite they get. Only occasionally use the New York State Campsite Photos website.
  • View 1 low resolution photo per campsite
  • Supported by ads
$24/year (365 days)
Best suited for the passionate camper who typically camps many times throughout the season, and want full access to all the photos to determine what sites will work best for their camping experience. They also want to help support the NYSCP project, the ongoing cost of running the website, keeping photos up to date and ensuring the website's long term viability.
  • Access to all site features
  • View ALL campsite photos
    (up to 25 per site), over 110,000 photos!
  • High resolution 2.5X zoom for popular campgrounds
  • Access to all photo archives
  • Includes all site information including site type, length, hookups and on/off water designations
  • Choose sites by site type/length
  • Choose favorite sites
  • View campsite photos in high resolution (zoomable)
  • View additional campsite details (Fish Creek/Rollins Pond)
  • Automatic logins using NYSCP account or Facebook credentials
  • Setup user preferences
  • Setup user favorite campgrounds
  • Setup user favorite sites
  • Campground private and public notes
  • Individual campsite private and public notes
  • Custom BaseCamp home page
  • Custom 'Choose Site' pages (Favorites)
  • Option to turn off ads
  • Free Bonus: View ALL cancellations posted in the last 48 hours (non watersites, watersites, electric sites, full hookups, all dates including holidays) along with filtering and direct reservation links
  • Free Bonus: Set up to 5 custom cancellation filters for your various trips. One click access to cancellation alerts
Coming Soon !
  • Custom view of campsite photos
  • Walkabout campsite review forms
  • Print/Export campground/campsite favorites
  • Campground reviews
  • Upload your own photos
  • View cancellations posted with search features and website alerts
  • Setup cancellation email alerts
  • Promoted campsite requests and cancellation offers