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A random selection of photos from 75+ State/DEC campgrounds across New York. Choose a campground above to give you an idea of what that particular campground is like. Check on any photo to see that site in more detail. You can choose another campground as well above.
Limekiln Lake - Site 16 Cross Site View Jacques Cartier - Site Allegany - Site 99 Cross Site View Rollins Pond - Site 192 View from Shoreline Gilbert Lake - Site 64 Cross Site View Caroga Lake - Site 74 Looking at Site from Road Darien Lakes - Site 6 Looking at Site from Road Sign Visible Coles Creek - Site 30 Looking Back Towards Road Rollins Pond - Site 80 Cross Site View Point Comfort - Site 35A Fireplace View Green Lakes - Site 86 View Down Road from Campsite Limekiln Lake - Site 1 View from Shoreline Woodland Valley - Site 72 Cross Site View Fish Creek - Site 258 Looking Back Towards Road Fish Creek - Site 33 Looking at Site from Road Sign Visible Woodland Valley - Site 23 Cross Site View Northampton Beach - Site 84 View from Shoreline Lincoln Pond - Site 9 Cross Site View