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Campsite Cancellations Formatter

Campsite Cancellations Formatter

  1. Select your campground, site#, start date and number of nights. The formatter will automatically create the text needed for your site cancellation message as well as include a link to the site and photos.
  2. Click the 'Copy to Clipboard' Button to copy the message
  3. Click the 'Return to NY State Campsite Cancellations Facebook page'
  4. Now use your device 'paste' functionality to create a new post back on the NY State Campsite Cancellations Facebook page


Cancellation available for Lewey Lake, site 23 starting Sep 4, 2020 for 2 nights

Long format:  cancel lewey lake site 23 sep 4 2 nights
Short format: cancel lewey 23 sep 4 2n
Short format: lewey 23 sep 4 2 (defaults to this being an existing cancellation)

I have a campsite to cancel/offer to another camper for Fair Haven Beach, site 45 starting Oct 10, 2020 for 3 nights

offer fair haven 72 Oct 10 3n

In general the most popular campgrounds have short form abbreviations such as Fish Creek (fc or fcp), Rollins (ro or rp), Wellesley Isand (wi), Lewey Lake (ll), Moffitt Beach (mb). For a full list check out the Campground Abbreviations. Otherwise just type one of the main unique keywords of the campground name. IE for Lake Eation you can use 'eaton'. For Buck Pond use 'buck'.