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Sites 1W-34
First section of sites, all on the water between front gate and the bridge over Fish Creek (boat launch area). Tends to be the highest traffic area during the summer months or holiday weekends.
Sites 35-50
Sites on water between Fish Creek/boat launch and the Amphitheater. This area has the 3 season heated bathroom and is the main area open in early season and late season.
Sites 51-80
Sites on water along the outside of the Penninsula Loop. These sites become non-reservable/walkup only in the fall to allow 'retires' to enjoy fall camping for as long as they like without having to worry about someone coming in on a reservation. Sites 68-80 are exposed to the most wind on the east shore of Square Pond.
Sites 81-125
Sites on water on the northeast and eastern shore of Square Pond. Sites 81-100 are on the windy site of Square Pond.
Sites 126-137
Sites on the water at the northwest side of Square Pond. These sites are quite shaded, mostly narrow and somewhat close to the dump station.
Sites 138-159
Sites on water on the west shore of Square Pond, after the cutoff to Rollins Pond. They tend to be larger, offer great views towards Whiteface Mountain and are less prone to the wind.
Sites 160-235
Sites on water on the 'backside' of Square Pond. This area is usually open later in the spring and closes after Columbus Day weekend. Sites are located on the south shore of Square Pond.
Sites 236-250
Sites on water on the south shore of First Pond between the narrows and opposite the beach.
Sites 251-305
Sites on the water along the shore of the South Pond closest to the far gate. Note the gate isn't always open so sites at this end may require a longer drive to exit the campground.
A Loop
Inside/off water sites on the Penninsula Loop.
B Sites
Non-reservable off water sites near the front gate.
C Sites
Sites near the boat launch along Fish Creek. Shoreline access to Fish Creek (the creek itself) from most sites.
R Sites
These are non-reservable 'admin' sites.
Max 20ft - These sites will accommodate tents, popups and trailers up to 20ft
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Max 30ft - These sites will accommodate tents, popups and trailers up to 30ft
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